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Carrots 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Carrots Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Carrot (Daucus carota)  is a one of the best crunchy, delicious, and highly nutritious root vegetable, that’s why every time you can eat. And  you can easily carry yourself in office, travelling etc and enjoy it.

Carrots are store rich source of fiber, beta carotene, potassium,vitamin K1, antioxidants, iron and other minerals also.

According to the research of 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines  has describe that how much  nutrient should consume everyday and its based on age -sex groups.

Carrots nutrition facts and health benefits
Different Color Carrots!

Carrots are show in lots of colors, like:  orange, red, yellow, white, and purple.

Whether you like them steamed, raw, or broiled, carrots have tons of health benefits. By preparing carrots carefully, you can maintain almost all of the nutrients that they have when they are raw.

Check out these health benefits of carrots. Next time you chomp into a fresh carrot. You will know all of the good things you are doing for your body.

Carrot Nutrition Facts

Carrots provide very less amount of protein (2%) and fat .According to the research facts ,one cup of chopped (128g) Carrot contains:


  • 4% DV Total Carbohydrate
  • 14% DV Dietary Fiber
  • 4596 mg Sucrose
  • 704 mg Fructose
  • 755 mg Glucose
  • 6.1 g Sugars
  • 3.2 g Fiber
  • 10.2 g Carbs
  • 1.8 g Starch


  • 428% DV vitamin A
  • 13% DV vitamin C
  • 4% DV vitamin E
  • 9% DV vitamin B6
  • 6% DV Thiamin
  • 4% DV Riboflavin
  • 3% DV Pantothenic Acid
  • 6% DV Niacin
  • 6% DV Folate
  • 21% DV vitamin K


  • 4% DV Phosphorus
  • 4% DV Sodium
  • 2% DV Zinc
  • 3% DV copper
  • 4% DV magnesium
  • 9% DV  manganese
  • 4% DV calcium
  • 2% DV iron

 Health Benefits of Carrot

1. Prevents Heart Disease

Part of staying healthy as you age is taking care of your heart. One of the main health benefits of carrots is its ability to prevent cardiovascular disease.

By eating carrots every day, you can prevent heart disease and lower your cholesterol. Excess cholesterol can cause heart disease, so carrots protect your heart in two ways.

Besides, regularly eating carrots can lower your risk of a heart attack.

2. Better Vision

You probably remember when you are a child and your mom told you that eating carrots would keep you from going blind. Well, it turns out she was right.

Carrots are full of vitamin A or  carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which the retina heavily depends on to function properly. By partaking in carrots, you can lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, in addition to preventing night blindness.

3. Prevents Cancer

One of the most popular health benefits of carrots is its natural ability to fight cancer. Polyacetylenes, like falcarinol, have been demonstrated to slow or even stop the growth of colon cancer cells.

Besides, carrots can improve the overall health of your colon cells, reducing your risk of colon cancer.

Carotenoids is the main compounds in carrots. It is the powerful antioxidants properties that significantly decrease in breast cancer risk in female candidate.

4. Minimizes Signs of Aging

Most signs of aging, including wrinkles, are the result of free radicals inside your body. Your body needs antioxidants to fight off these free radicals, and carrots are full of antioxidants.

In particular, carrots have lots of beta-carotene. These antioxidants can block free radicals from causing skin damage and keep your cells younger longer.

5. Improves Skin

While most health benefits of carrots are enjoyed by consuming them, the topical use of carrots also has many benefits. The vitamins and nutrients in carrots can keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Simply grate a carrot and mix it with a small amount of honey until it forms a paste. You can apply this mask to your skin to improve its health and appearance.

6. Healthy Teeth and Gums

One of the surprising benefits of eating carrots is the effect they have on your teeth. Since carrots are naturally hard. They can get plaque off your teeth, stimulate your gums.

Carrots are trigger the release of saliva, which can get bacteria and plaque off of your teeth. To enjoy this benefit, you should eat carrots raw.

7. Minimizes Risk of Stroke

Because of the numerous vitamins and minerals found in carrots, it is no surprise that they are good at reducing your risk of stroke.

By eating five or more carrots per week, some experts believe that you can significantly reduce your risk of suffering from a stroke.

If you do have a stroke, having enough carrots in your diet can limit the damage that the stroke causes.

8. Regulates Digestive Functions

Carrots are full of fiber, which is why one of the main health benefits of carrots is their ability to regulate digestive function. The fiber in carrots keeps waste moving through the body quickly.

It can reducing your risk of constipation. This can also keep you from feeling bloated and get toxins out of your body faster.

9. Enhances Memory

One of the biggest health benefits of carrots for aging adults is their ability to enhance your memory. Luteolin is a compound that can reduce age-related damage to the brain.

It’s also keep your brain working as efficiently as possible. It does this by reducing age-related brain inflammation.

10. Controls Weight

Carrots are excellent for helping you control your weight. 1/2 cup of carrots contains only 27 calories, which is considerably less than most fruits and much less than unhealthy snacks.

By keeping carrots peeled and cut in your refrigerator, you can reach for them when you need a snack. Many people choose to enjoy their carrots with dip. As long as you partake in the debt reasonably, carrots are still a low-calorie snack.

11. Improve immune function

Carrot has found large amount of nutrient like vitamin A, which is helpful for body growth, development, and immune function.