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Will Drinking Green Tea Increase Your Metabolism?

How Green Tea Boost Your Metabolism?

Green tea has been said to have a lot of different effects on human beings. However, the people who are most concerned with the effects of green tea. Mostly those who are interested in losing weight.

A person who wants to lose weight will have to look for methods that will ensure they do so effectively. One of the methods that have been discussed for quite some time is the use of green tea.

The discussion has prompted the creation of false facts. Such facts have given unknowing people misguided information on the best ways to lose weight using green tea.

To ensure that one does not get misguided with such information. There are three proven effects that this product has on the human body.

To start with, the health benefits associated will vary with an individual. However, most of them are valid and will affect most people, if not everyone.

How Green Tea Works for Boosting Your Metabolism?

The first effect of green tea is boots metabolism of the body. This is done through the use of caffeine. Caffeine is an ingredient in green tea. It is known to increase an individual’s metabolism. When metabolism is increased, the effects will be many.

One of the main effects is an increase in the number of calories burnt. This means that the overall number of calories in the body being burnt will increase. An increase in burned calories means a decrease in weight gain.

Since it has caffeine, it is a better substitute for coffee as it has more or less the same quantities, but it is low in calories.

Apart from boosting your metabolism, green tea surpasses your appetite. There have been a lot of disputes regarding this fact. To settle it, a study was done in Switzerland at the University of Geneva.

In the study, green tea metabolism was being studied in a group of people. They were all given the same amount of green tea extract on a varied basis. The men who had the extract daily showed signs of reduced appetite. This proved that apart from an increase in metabolism. The tea was capable of reducing the appetite of users.

This helped people in weight loss as they could effectively reduce their appetite without having any physiological side effects.

In humans, green tea has the capability of increasing fat oxidation. This happens even when the person is resting. The tea has catechins present in it. These are responsible for the suppression of glucose into fat cells.

The rise of blood sugar in the body is also slowed down using this method which in turn prevents fats from being stored in the body. This, in turn, affects weight loss.


Green tea metabolism has either direct or indirect effects in the body that help with weight loss. People who integrate it into their daily dieting plan will be able to lose weight effectively.

There are other health benefits of green tea has which have not been mentioned. These benefits will also help improve your general health.