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10 Ways to Build Muscle

For those who have tried, there is nothing more difficult or require more patience than harmonious muscle development. You’ll make it when you consider that you must deepen your search for anabolism when there are a cellular component and muscle tissue growth, so there is an increase in muscle mass.

Its opposite, catabolism, is the loss of muscular tissue. When muscle tissue suffers from tears, at microscopic levels, which do not affect normal muscle function, they seek to regenerate themselves.

When doing so, the fiber is multiplied in quantity and quality to withstand the stress. It is the reason for hypertrophy or muscle enlargement.

Here we detail the methods that are safer and easier to do.

1. The harmonious training

It may seem obvious, but not all people are informed about the need to train hard every part of the anatomy for excellent muscle development.

If you go to the gym to train only your chest and arms, you´ll appear disproportionate and unpleasant. Spend at least one day a week for each muscle group.

2. Food

It is pointless for you to exercise in the gym and then not eat right. Your body will be tired and in need of nutrients, especially protein, to grow properly. You should consume at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight.

You´ll find protein, in addition to protein shakes that offer sports stores, in lean meats, chicken, fish, vegetables and egg whites, among other sources.

3. Rest

After intense training sessions, muscle requires several days to regenerate muscle fibers. In most cases, it is not advisable to train the same muscle group in the same week.

4. Sleep

Sleep at least eight hours a day is essential to help the recovery of the muscle fiber. If you can supplement this with a half-hour nap during the day, much better, but not everyone can do it. Be sure to incur at least a good night’s sleep.

5. The muscle failure

To grow muscle, you must train with a weight that allows you to perform eight to ten repetitions per set. So when you get to the last repetition, it involves an effort.

If you train with weights that are too light, you’ll not experience obvious gains.

6. Training with a partner

This is not always possible since we must find a person who has a similar level of training and who is willing to join us in our goals, besides go to the gym in our days and time.

Moreover, if we make us a partner who can help us get to the last iteration. We perform forced repetitions smoothly, greatly helping to achieve muscle growth.

7. Avoid over training

Over training is the main cause of catabolism (the opposite of anabolism).  Metabolism can not generate enough muscle fibers to replace the that are worn. So we reverse the growth process.

To avoid this, we recommend a routine that includes not train more than four or five times a week, while full rest periods of rest.

8. Avoid excessive aerobics

While aerobic exercise is great for improving your cardiovascular system and lose weight.

Too much aerobic will eventually go for muscle tissue as fuel. So you’ll be gaining muscle mass and losing it.

Do not make more than an hour of aerobics three times a week if your goal is to gain muscle.

9. Avoiding the pitfalls

Many people, to increase the weights used in the different exercises, make careless movements, which not only predisposes to injury.  But also prevents the muscle work in a coordinated and concentrated way.

10. Keeping a journal of activities

A recent study estimated that, of people

  • who go to a gym,
  • those who keep journals of their routines,
  • those who doing exercises and
  • diet render double towards their goals
  • those who attend only casually

do not follow any predetermined plan . Do not forget: think before you act and you´ll earn more.