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Twin Pregnancy and Types of Twin

What twin pregnancy is really like?

A mother definitely experiences delight during pregnancy because she shall be giving birth to a new life. She feels even more pleased if she knows that she shall give birth to twins.

If she is carrying more than one or two fetus in a single pregnancy, she would give birth to twins. And if a women is carrying more than two fetus in a single pregnancy, it is said to be multiple birth. The process of giving birth to twins, triplets, or multiple offspring is very common among animals.

How many types of Twin Pregnancy

There are two types of twin pregnancies:

  1. Fraternal (dizygotic)
  2.  Identical (monozygotic)

When the twins resemble each other they are known as identical twins. And if they do not resemble,it is known as fraternal or dizygotic.

The identical twins have the same genetic elements. Fraternal twins arise when two eggs are released from the process of fertilization. The fraternal twins are not genetically identical.

In such cases, usually one twin borrows the genetic characteristic of the mother and the other twin borrows characteristics from the father. In cases of multiple pregnancy, a combination of fraternal twins and identical twins shall arise.

Is there a third type of Twin Pregnancy?

There is also a third type of twin pregnancy. An ovum splits into two identical cells and this process takes place before fertilization. After splitting of the ovum, they get fertilized by the sperm.

Hence, they borrow the identical genes from their mother and the genetic material from their father.

Apart from twin pregnancy, we hear cases about multiple births also.

The rate of twin pregnancy is rising today. Many woman become pregnant today after completing 30 years. Due to the ageing problems, hormonal changes take place in the body and more than one egg shall release at a time. Specially, because of this factor, there are many cases of fraternal or non-identical twins.

How do multiple Pregnancies occur?

Pregnancy cases for multiples are even more rising. Some women adopt the modern technologies of vitro fertilization because as the woman grows older the fertilization decreases. In this way they develop one or more fetus.

In case of identical twins, the egg splits and forms two fetuses. Hence identical twins occur. It’s share one placenta but will share a separate amniotic sac. Identical twins look exactly the same and are not easy to identify. Identical twins are always belong to the same sex.

Diagnoses of Twin Pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy can be diagnosed very early before delivery. The size of the uterus becomes even more larger when compared to twin pregnancy and occurrence of more than one fetal heartbeat takes place. Even blood tests help in identifying the twin pregnancies or multiple pregnancies.

The technique of ultrasound is useful in confirming a twin pregnancy. When this test is conducted, the images of your babies can be created.

When a woman is carrying more than one fetus, she faces the problems of nausea, vomiting, heartburn or fatigue more than the woman who is pregnant only for one baby.

A woman must constantly have a check-up with her doctor to know about the development of her baby. Medical experts suggest that a woman should ideally visit the doctor at least once in two weeks during the second trimester. During the third trimester she must visit at least once.

A woman should have sufficient nutrients to feed the two fetuses in the body. the most essential requirements for her are folic acid, protein calcium and iron. She must consume very wholesome food so that the development of both fetuses is normal. Almost daily she should consume vitamins. She must consult her heath care provider for her iron supplement.

How Much Weight Gain in Twin Pregnancy?

You must gain weight appropriately. After the process of childbirth, she should be able to shed weight. Experts suggest that the right amount of weight gained by woman is 35 to 45 pounds. Ideally she should gain 2700 calories a day. If you want to know more tips about weight gain, ask for your family healthcare provider.

You must take utmost care of yourself as the pregnancy progresses. The three areas which a woman should mainly focus are work, travel and exercise. Regarding these issues she must take consultation from the doctor.

Identical twins do not always look same. One twin may become left-handed while the other twin may become right handed.

What are the factors that determine Twin Pregnancy?

There are many factors that determine twin pregnancy:

Usually woman who have completed the age of 30 years experience twin pregnancy. If the woman surpasses 40 years, she usually gives birth to fraternal twins.

Usually the African woman experience twin pregnancy. Race factor also determines twin pregnancy. African woman between the age of 35 to 45 years are most likely to give birth to twins. Asian woman usually do not carry more than one fetus.

If you have delivered fraternal twins earlier, then you will most probably carry more than one fetus again.

Even your family history determines the chances of twin pregnancy.

The risks like miscarriage, premature birth, gestational diabetes, placenta abruption for twin pregnancy or multiple pregnancy is even higher.

Today the rate of twin pregnancy has increased very drastically. It has almost increased by 59% when compared to the rate of 25 years back. Most of the woman experience double joy when they know that they are carrying two fetuses.

A woman should take care of the issues such as morning sickness, extreme fatigue, elevated HCG levels etc which she shall most probably face.

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