10 Best Health Benefits of Coconut Oil : Coconut Oil Weight Loss

The Health Benefits of Coconut oil

There are some surprising health benefits of coconut oil. You might enjoy if you cook with the oil or use it directly on your skin. Coconut oil is becoming more readily available in supermarkets and online.

There are coconut oil blends you might try for skin and hair or for food prep. Not only can coconut oil give you shinier hair and smoother skin.

Coconut oil can also help your overall well being. Check out these great health benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Weight Loss How To Be Slim With Oil

Coconut Oil helps to Weight Loss. If you consuming coconut oil regularly every day. People nowadays have already been familiar with this kind of diet. They are using coconut oil in reducing fat.

The researchers had already proven that consuming coconut oil could increase energy levels, lessen cravings for carbohydrates and calories and get the fullness feeling inside the stomach.

Coconut Oil Weight Loss means eating coconut oil for people with overweight problems. It is possible for people who want to lose weight without drastically changing their lifestyle.

How Come?:

Coconut Oil can be useful for reducing fats. It has a high content of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). Mcfa has a big part in reducing weight. Although possessing a high content of unsaturated fats. Coconut Oil is good for heart and cardiovascular system because it is not stored as body fat. It stored in muscle tissue and easily transformed into energy.

Coconut oil also contains high lauric acids, which is one of the MCFA’s composure. It is used for anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoal. Coconut Oil reduces food cravings and get the full feeling.

How to use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

Introducing Coconut Oil Weight Loss in daily diet.Frying foods with it instead of vegetable oil is a good example.

Before working out, mix a tablespoon of coconut oil into a glass of water. It can be useful in boosting energy.

Coconut Oil Weight Loss can be applied in the daily meal too. There are some recipes using coconut oil in their ingredients. It is better than drink the coconut oil right from its bottle.

The taste will be better after being mixed with other foods. The important thing is, people should notice that Coconut Oil Weight Loss should be done in a healthy and balanced manner.

They should remember that there is no instant way to lose weight. Even with coconut oil, weight loss cannot be processed instantly. It takes 6-8 weeks to see the results.

1. Lowers Cholesterol

This is one of the most important health benefits of coconut oil, as cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other coronary artery concerns.

Coconut oil converts bad cholesterol to what is called pregnenolone. It’s body needs for healthy thyroid function and in turn, for lower levels of cholesterol.

2. Keeps Skin Young

This health benefit of coconut oil is true whether you ingest coconut oil or use it directly on the skin.

Coconut oil is moisturizing properties and high levels of vitamin E . Vitamin E can keep skin soft and supple and wrinkle-free and helps to stop premature aging.

3. Boost Immune System

A large number of vitamins and essential minerals in coconut oil. It can keep your immune system stronger so that you have fewer health problems overall, and heal more quickly.

4. Control Weight Loss

Coconut oil can keep your weight under control. Its fat has what is called medium-chain triglycerides and when these break down in the liver, you can get more energy to lose weight.

One study in 2009 found that women who ingested coconut oil every day for twelve weeks had less abdominal fat, which is probably the hardest fat to lose on the body.

5. Kills Germs and Bacteria

This health benefit of coconut oil is also true whether you ingest it or use it topically. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which kills many forms of bacteria and even certain types of yeast that are connected to yeast infections in the human body. Lauric acid is also thought to help stop infections from developing.

6. Controls Cravings

Coconut oil can help you to control your hunger. This may be related to the metabolizing of the fatty acids in coconut oil. These breaks down into ketones which have an appetite suppressing factor.

If you can control your appetite you’re less likely to overeat or give in to cravings and indulge in unhealthy snacks.

7. Reduces Seizures

This is one of the more surprising health benefits of coconut oil but the ketones in the fatty acids are thought to reduce the occurrence of seizures.

Much research still needs to be done but many studies have already been conducted that seem promising.

8. Enhance Brain Function

Coconut oil can boost brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s. The fatty acids in coconut oil can help to nourish brain cells which in turn can boost brain function and activity.

Other health benefits of coconut oil as far as brain function go include the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and even controlling its symptoms once they begin to appear.

9. Softens Skin

This is one of the best products to use on your feet and other very dry areas of the body such as the elbows and knees. The fatty acids in coconut oil penetrate rough, dry skin for instant relief of eczema and calluses.

These health benefits of coconut oil are especially good in the wintertime when skin can get so dry that it cracks and bleeds and becomes painful. Try it at night so it has time to absorb, or apply it before dressing for all-day relief.

10. Soothes your Scalp

The scalp can also crack and bleed when it’s too dry and when germs and bacteria build-up. Using coconut oil as a conditioner can keep hair soft and smooth but can also actually soothe the scalp.

This is an important health benefit of coconut oil as dry and cracked skin on the scalp can lead to the risk of infections and irritation.