Throwing Up Blood After Drinking: Is It Normal?

Vomiting Blood After Drinking Alcohol

Many people experience the problem of puking blood after drinking. While some people might ignore this as some sort of aberration. You should consider it as something seriously wrong with the system and explore the reasons behind it .

Is it normal to throw up blood after drinking?

Throwing Up Blood After Drinking can be sign of something dangerous to come in the future.

It can be for one, a signal that you might be suffering from internal bleeding which is extremely serious and steps need to be taken to cure it as soon as possible.

The more you delay getting yourself medically checked, the more you stand to suffer as these things should never be taken lightly. Most people who suffer from this condition are those who are alcoholics or indulge excessively in it.

What is the Cause of  Throwing Up Blood After Drinking?

If you’re one who does the same, then chances are this has caused the problem most probably.

However there can be other reasons also, and we’ll discuss them in this article:

1. Gastrointestinal Tract Erosion

Since most types of alcohol are acidic in terms of their pH value. Regularly drinking these substances and making your body suffer from excessive intake of them can mean damage to the mouth. They are corrosive in nation.

Not only that, they can also cause damage to the small intestine as well as the esophagus and stomach, which means the lining as well as blood vessels in these areas can be susceptible to bleeding because of erosion, which ultimately can lead to the rise of ulcers along the intestinal tract.

2. Ulcers

As we mentioned above, if your consumption of alcohol is high, it will not auger well for the coming future as you might develop ulcers in your intestinal tract which will be a problem and will cause a lot of trouble to you.

This is another common problem that causes discharge of blood from the mouth after you drink. This is because drinking alcohol will lead to rupture of these ulcers, that will spit out blood from them.

3. Frequent Vomiting

Regularly consuming alcohol can lead to more frequent vomiting, which in turn will have an adverse impact on your body at times, causing you to vomit blood as well.

Again, the reason for this is that the acidity of vomit sometimes erodes the tissues in the esophagus, causing tearing or ulcers. If the tissue gets damaged in the process, then chances are you might begin to spit out blood when throwing up.

4. Medicines

While you might not realize but even taking regular dosage of medicines can be the reason of throwing up blood after drinking alcohol. Some medicines end up having side effects on your body.

Again, while this isn’t very common, some people do get affected from side effects. It might well be the reason for your medical problem.

Especially, it happens when some drugs such as Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs are taken with alcohol. They end up causing damage to the pancreas or stomach, leading to vomiting blood after drinking.

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