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The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

What is the Third Trimester?

During the third trimester an infant will gain added weight quicker than it achieved during the other trimesters of being pregnant. With this particular state of pregnancy a fetus shall start to advance swiftly, acquiring as much as an oz daily.

The female’s tummy will change in form once the tummy lowers being a result of the unborn child moving in a downward position ready for delivery. Whether or not a stomach area is held up high for the duration of the previous trimesters of pregnancy.

A new mom will begin to feel her new baby moving about an awful lot during this time period. Fetal fluctuations can be rather powerful and be bothersome to the new mom.

As the baby keeps growing a woman may feel numerous symptoms of aches and pains like a backache or perhaps even a weaker bladder. The fetus will get a lot more dynamic throughout this stage of being pregnant due to the fact that brain and muscle tissue activity increase. A unborn child might begin to move around which is known to result in irritation of the ribs and spine.

After your third trimester your baby has a far better likelihood of living in the case of being delivered prematurely. Thanks to the progress achieved in medicine new born have been able to pull through outside the womb a great deal earlier than they were previously known to in times past.

In spite of these great innovations, premature birth remains a major danger to the fetus, and can also lead to health conditions later on in life, if the little one lives.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Week 29 to 40

Week 29 of Pregnancy:

A pregnant woman tends to have mood swings and depression. But a mother should be able to divert herself and be happy. These thoughts involve the baby and affect his/her personality itself.

Week 30 of Pregnancy:

The size of the baby increases to 40 cm.

The uterus is now about 10 cm from the belly button. The abdomen is popping out so obviously as the growth of the uterus. The baby is enormous during this period.

How much weight does mother gain in Third Trimester?

Week 31 of Pregnancy:

The baby weighs around 3.3 pounds.

All the internal organs are getting matured faster.

Care for the mom:

There will be a weight gain of around 26 pounds.

Sleeping will be affected in the night due to the greater size of the abdomen. According to the experts advised, a mother should sleep in the left lateral positions so that the blood supply to the baby will not be affected.

Week 32 of Pregnancy:

Baby will be able to register on all five of his/her senses.

Baby’s iris, which is the colored part of the eye. Therefore the baby will open her/his eyes in a darker light and close in brighter light.

Care for the mom:

Due to enormous weight gain, pregnant women tend to have back pain. This happen due to the shift in their center of gravity and the arching of the spine.
Pregnant women’s bladder is compressed by the growing fetus. Hence they tend to urinate often.

Week 33 of Pregnancy:

At the start week of 33, the baby may begin to practice sucking. The baby starts sucking on his/her fingers.

Baby will continue to deposit fat under the skin as he/she will continue to gain weight

As a result of the fat deposits, the baby’s skin will be changing color from red to pink

Care for the mom:

Pregnant women tend to have indigestion due to the growth of the baby.  Compressing on the intestines and stomach affecting the process of digestion, hence they tend to have heartburn.

Hence it is advised to take intermediate meals and not heavy meals a single time.

How much weight does baby gain in Third Trimester?

Week 34 of Pregnancy:

The baby weighs around 4.4 pounds.

Baby has already started to develop his/her immune system to help fight against any infections.

The baby fingernails will arise at the end of the fingers. Even may need to be trimmed within the first couple of days after birth

The baby’s eyes will show blue color now. Although they may change after the baby is a couple of weeks old.

Care for the mom:

A few weeks before labour begins. The distance between the top of the uterus and the pubic symphysis is found to be reduced.

With lightening one may experience a mixture of benefits and problems, such as:

Benefit: More space in the stomach, making one feel less squashed, the ability to breathe easier.

Problem: More pressure on bladder, anus and pelvic area.

Week 35 of Pregnancy:

The baby weighs around 5 pounds.

Fatty deposits continue this week, as baby will start to get fatter around the arms and legs now.

If it’s a boy, then the testes should have completed their descent into the scrotum this week.

Week 36 of Pregnancy:

Baby will be weighing around 5.7 pounds.

At this stage, the baby form dimples at the elbows and knees as fat is still being deposited under his/her skin. If the baby hasn’t already dropped into the birth canal by now, then he/she may do so at any time.

Care for the mom:

There will be a final weight again of around 28 pounds. You should maintain  proper care.

Week 37 of Pregnancy:

By the end of the 36th-week baby will have settled into its birth position, although it is still possible for it to turn again.

  • Baby is building up its strength with each day that passes.
  • At this stage, not all baby’s bones have ossified. This is an advantage to both the mom and baby as it means that he/she will be more flexible during birth. At this stage, the baby will automatically turn towards the light
  • From the end of this week, the baby’s growth rate will slow right down.

Week 38 of Pregnancy:

Very slow increase in weight of the baby to make it ease for delivery.

At this stage of pregnancy baby is gathering a lot of meconium in his/her intestines.

How can I stay healthy during the Third Trimester?

Care for the mom:

  • A mother should consume which foods that are high in iron, potassium and magnesium like bananas, raisins and dried fruits.
  • String cheese for calcium and protein.
  • Crackers for fibre.

Week 39 of Pregnancy:

  • Baby continues to gain weight while still inside the uterus, although the rate of growth is very slow.
  • Finally all the organ systems are ready to process and capable of functioning on their own.

Care for the mom:

Since after delivery pregnant women have to breast feed her baby, she has to start taking extra 500 calorie to compensate for that.

Week 40 of Pregnancy: (End of Pregnancy).

The long awaited time has come finally and child birth will be anywhere around or before this week itself.

Care for the mom:

It’s very common to have pain and it’s bearable during delivery, hence no need of worrying.

Pregnant women should be confident and co-operate with the gynecologists for easy delivery.

At the first sight of new born baby they tend to forget all the sufferings and pain they tolerated through out pregnancy.

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