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The Second Trimester of Pregnancy: 13th week to 28th week

 What is the Second Trimester?

Week 13 of Pregnancy:

Baby grows quickly reaching a size of 7.4 cm and it weighs around 23 grams. Growth and development of the fetus are particularly striking from now until the 24th week. Already the baby has doubled in size from what it was at 7 weeks.

The head growth is very slow as compare to the rest of the body.

In the 13th week, the head is about half of the crown to end measurement, and by the 21st week, it will be about 1/3 of the crown to end measurement.

The face is starting to take on a more human like appearance. The eyes which started at the side of the head are now moving closer together and the ears will take up their normal positions on the side of the head.

Week 14 of Pregnancy:

Some of the notable changes observed are:

  • Ear of the fetus are now on the side of the head.
  • The neck continues to grow in length and the chin won’t be resting on the chest.
  • Genital organs continue to grow and the sex differentiation becomes much easier.

Care for mom:

  • Body weight keeps on increasing.
  • If being overweight one should be cautious in selecting the food of fewer calories.

What happens to the fetus during the Second Trimester?

Week 15 of Pregnancy:

The size of the baby is 10 cm and weighs around 70 gm

  • The skin of the fetus is very thin and is covered by a thin layer of hair.
  • Eyes are widely separated and they start moving towards the center.
  • External development of ears completed and they resemble the human ear.
  • Bones of the fetus are forming and density keeps on increasing.

Week 16 of Pregnancy:

The size of the baby is 12cm by now and weighs 100gms.

  • fingers of the fetus are completely formed.
  • There is a placenta attached to the stomach.
  • Lengthening of arms and legs and fine movement started.

How many Nutrients Consume During Pregnancy?

Here are the list of Nutrients Consume During Pregnancy:

  • 300 calories
  • 600–800 mg folate
  • 27-30 mg iron
  • 1200 mg calcium

Week 17 of Pregnancy:

During this stage, there is a gradual increase in the size and weight of the fetus. Fetus resembling more of a human form.

Week 18 of Pregnancy:

The size of the embryo reaches 15 cm and weighs around 200 gm. Total weight gain at this stage should be at around 4.5 kg.

However, this weight gain can vary from one pregnancy to another. Iron plays an important part in pregnancy. You should consume 30 mg  iron in a day, to the increase of blood volume.

Week 19 of Pregnancy:

There seems the same gradual growth of the baby. In this week you can see the development of the brain and nervous. You will gain 1 kg weight in the end of 18 weeks .

Week 20 of Pregnancy:

In this week, the baby weighs around 300 gm.The skin which is covering the baby’s body will be very thin and now begins growing from two layers, the epidermis (surface) and the dermis, which is a deeper layer.

At this stage of the baby’s development, the skin will secrete what is called vernix; this is to protect the skin of the fetus from the amniotic fluid.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, the uterus should grow about 1cm every week.

Week 21 of Pregnancy:

The body of the fetus straightens and the final length is 26.7 cm and it will weigh around 360 gm.

The digestive system of the fetus is already functioning in a simple way. At this stage, the fetus can swallow amniotic fluid, absorb much of the water in it.

Week 22 of Pregnancy:

Organ systems of the fetus are becoming specialized for their particular functions. For developing proper Organ systems,a mother should intake more fluid.

Fluids will help your body process nutrients, develop new cells, keep up your blood volume and help regulate your body temperature

How much weight does baby gain in Second Trimester?

Week 23 of Pregnancy:

Baby will be weighing around 500 gm.

The important organs that a fetus uses to produce hormones are in development. Insulin helps to break down and use sugar.

When the fetus is exposed to high blood sugar levels the pancreas will respond, increasing the blood-insulin level

Care for mom:

The size of the abdomen varies from person to person at a particular time. Mother should regularly consume nutritious food.

Week 24 of Pregnancy:

Baby will be around 30 cm and 600 gm weight. Baby is starting to fill out. Its face and body are starting to look more like that of an infant birth in day by day.

Care for Mom:

Most of the women suffer from nasal stuffiness or even frequent nosebleeds. The hormonal changes are the main causes for the blood vessels in nasal passageways to swell and bleed more.

Week 25 of Pregnancy:

  • There is a gradual growth of the baby.
  • The size of the uterus gradually increases.
  • In the second trimester there is a maturation of the organs of the baby.
  • The size of the abdomen shown out is greatly increased.

Care for mom of Pregnancy:

One of the main complaining symptoms here is itching through out the body and is mainly related to the hormonal imbalances.

Week 26 of Pregnancy:

The baby has some sort of sleeping pattern. Certain times of the day he/she is more active than other times. After completed 25 weeks, all five senses will developed.

On Hearing to baby’s heart beating there will be a skipped beat. This is not unusual and is called an arrhythmia. An arrhythmia may occur as the heart is growing and developing but will disappear as it matures.

Care for mom:

In the second half of pregnancy, there is a growth of abdomen nearly 1 cm each week. A women who has been taken balanced, nutritious meal plan, good for health. And there will be increase weight between 7.2 and 9.9 kg around this week.

Week 27 of Pregnancy:

Baby’s eyes first appear at around 5 weeks gestation and look like a pair of shallow grooves on each side of the brain. The grooves are regular to develop.

After complete the process of development, it’s turned into pockets. These pockets are called optical vesicles. And optical vesicles start developing the lenses.

At around 7 to 10 weeks the eyes start moving toward the middle of the face. In 8 weeks blood vessels start to form and during the 9th week the pupils’ form.

In the week of 27, the nerve connection from the eyes to the brain and it’s known as the optic nerve. The eyelids form process completed at 11 to 12 weeks. But left the process of the eyes together until 27 to 28 weeks, when they start to open and close.

Week 28 of Pregnancy:

Baby will be weighing around 2.2 pounds.

At around 28 weeks of pregnancy baby’s brain will begin to form characteristic grooves and indentations on the surface.

Eyebrows and eyelashes will be present and the baby’s hair on his/her head will even be growing longer.

Baby will continue to have fat deposits under his/her skin, making his/her appearance look a little chubbier.

How can I stay healthy during the Second Trimester?

As your uterus, placenta and baby get bigger, Back pain, headaches, leg cramps and pressure in the pelvis may become more frequent now.

According to the studied, if a mother eating fish during pregnancy, reduces the risk of premature labour. Fish provide high omega-3 fatty acids that  are important for hormonal response to protect against pre-term labour.

It’s encourage to longer and healthier birth weight of their baby.

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