Surprising Black Garlic Health Benefits

What is Black Garlic?

White garlic is one of the most characteristic ingredients of Spanish cuisine. Many traditional dishes include it in recipes such as salmorejo, garlic chicken or aioli sauce.

Although it is still the star of gastronomy. It appears on the restaurant menu and as an ingredient in some recipes, black garlic.

A food of Japanese origin that is characterized by being black. It first glance, only It differs from white in that it is drier. The surprise comes when you open and cut it: the texture is very soft and deep black.

In Spain, its consumption is not widespread. Although it shares and even intensifies some properties of white garlic, such as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Black garlic nutrients are important for health, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

“Garlic contains a large number of amino acids. The basic structural units that make up the body’s proteins. That is why it is recommended for the formation and repair of bones, joints, tendons, or ligaments.

It is especially rich in the amino acid cysteine, with antioxidant activity. Furthermore, black garlic provides all the essential amino acids.

Besides, León indicates that in Japanese garlic the maturation process causes the sugar content to increase, so black garlic provides more of these than white garlic.

Hence its flavor is slightly sweeter and provides more calories than fresh white garlic (about 180 Kcal / 100 g of black garlic compared to 120 Kcal / 100 g of fresh white garlic).

Health Benefits of black garlic

In addition to preventing diseases and acting as a natural antibiotic, black garlic has the following health benefits

1) Antioxidant

Black garlic is an antioxidant because it is very rich in vitamin C. It contains 5-7 times more polyphenols than white garlic. “The advantage of antioxidants is that they reduce the action of free radicals, molecules that promote premature aging of the body’s cells,”

Black garlic reduces the risk of aging symptoms and the appearance of chronic and degenerative diseases .”

2) Prevents the  Cardiovascular Diseases

León indicates that there are clinical trials that show that garlic improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, decreases platelet aggregation, and helps control blood cholesterol levels.

These benefits are related to your contribution to allicin and ajoene.

3) Prevent migraine

The vasodilator substances contained in black garlic. It can also influence and help reduce headaches and migraines.

“If the blood cannot flow properly through the arteries, causes of high blood pressure. In certain cases, the causes of headaches are this pressure.

We improve all circulation, migraines will improve or their intensity will decrease, “adds Escalada.

4) Antimicrobial Activity

Some studies have shown that the mixture of its components  act against bacteria responsible for some infections.

It also even against some types of fungi such as candida.

5) Improve Defenses

Some in vitro and in vivo research indicate that garlic boosts the immune system. Specifically, increases the proliferation of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell that fights infection) and interferon-gamma.

6) Prevention against some types of cancer

The complex and complete composition of garlic modulates the activity of certain oxidative enzymes and repairs DNA by preventing chromosomal damage. It could prevent some types of cancers such as colon, breast or gastric cancers. ”

Although black garlic has many benefits, Escalada recalls that people who are intolerant to white garlic are also intolerant to black and that its consumption should be avoided in those who have clotting problems or who are going to undergo surgery.

Also, it can interact with certain medications, mainly anticoagulants, such as heparin or warfarin because it increases the action of these drugs and can favor the appearance of bleeding, according to León.

“Black garlic is a herb of medicine products with garlic concentrate or its components. They are also not indicated in pregnant or lactating women, Since they are attributed abortive effects, menstrual cycle disorders and alteration of the taste and smell of breast milk, so that infants may reject it. But they can consume white or black garlic in moderate amounts in culinary preparations.

7. Black garlic in the kitchen

Recipes with black garlic are rare in Spain. Being an Asian product it is not usually available in the supermarket and it is not as cheap as white.

However, thanks to the controlled maturing process that it undergoes. It repeats less and has a softer texture. “For this reason, black garlic can even be spread and prepared as a base for bread toast with endless ingredients.

You can also add to the more traditional recipes to replace white garlic or even consume it directly since its smell and taste are more pleasant, “concludes León.