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Should I drink protein shakes before or after cardio workouts

Protein Shake After Cardio

We can find many types of protein shakes and drinks in the market.  But sometimes is hard to find which of these drinks works better when it comes to cardio workouts. You must know the nutritional benefits. If you should drink them before or after your cardio exercise training.

A protein shake can provide benefits to your cardio training. It contains nutrients, protein and the necessary calories for your cardio routine. Before you chose a protein shake, it is a must to talk with your doctor.

Protein drinks benefits

When you workout, your body breaks down and rebuilds muscle tissues to become stronger and burn more fat. The food of muscles is amino acids, which builds proteins.

Drinking a protein shake after your cardio routine means that your body can use the amino acids to recover and rebuild muscles faster. If you want to use protein drinks, drink them within 30 minutes before or after cardio.

How much protein shakes should be used?

It depends on your height, age, weight, gender and level of activity. If you are a bodybuilder, you have more muscle tissue and require more proteins than a person who only does 30 mins of elliptical workouts every day.

The recommended daily dose is 0.8 grams of protein for every kg of body weight. Harvard School of Public Health said that a diet containing high protein content could help when you perform weight loss routines.

Types of protein that work

When it comes to protein types, there are many from which we can choose. Some of them are

  1. whey protein,
  2. egg protein,
  3. soy protein,
  4. casein
  5. proteins from rice.

Whey Protein after cardio

Whey protein is recommended by many professionals for nutrition. When you are into sports because of its ability to be absorbed into the body.

Whey protein should be used in the form of hydrolysate or isolated. Drink a protein shake low in fat and carbs when you try to become leaner.

How to choose the right protein shake for cardio workouts?

Protein shakes come in many flavors and can be purchased from grocery stores or health food stores. Some are ready to drink, others come in powder form.

These should be mixed with milk, juice or water. The most important ingredient of any protein shake should be the type of protein you want to drink.

This is because proteins should be consumed more than any other thing in your shake. As we said before, hydrolysate and isolated whey protein are easily absorbed by your body. So they are the choice for many athletes.

Isolated whey protein is almost ninety percent pure protein, with little fat and lactose.