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What is a pregnancy test and how does it work?

Nowadays, it is so easy to check the pregnancy using a test pack of pregnancy. The way is so simple and the result can be read quickly and accurately.

What types of pregnancy tests are available?

The pregnancy test results can be obtained from those various ways on the pregnancy test.

Urine Test

It is the simplest way to know the result of whether we are pregnant or not. We can do that both at home or laboratory. The urine test is usually done by knowing the level of HCG or the hormone which is produced while the embryo grows.

The simple and common yet quick way, we can get the home urine test by using a pregnancy test pack or test strip. There are some types of pregnancy test packs that we can use, such as strips, compacts, and pens. We can choose any of them. The home pregnancy test becomes the most efficient way to get the result of the pregnancy test.

Blood Test

If we are still unsure of the pregnancy test results from the urine test, we can go to laboratories to check the urine. There, the sample of urine can be checked in order to know the level of HCG in the urine.

The blood test is also a common pregnancy test that commonly is chosen. It also becomes much more accurate than the urine test because it tests the blood directly to know the HCG level. The pregnancy test by checking the HCG level of the blood only can be done at the laboratory.

Ultrasound Scanning Test

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scanning Test

However, actually, there is another kind of pregnancy test that we can find, that is the ultrasound scanning. Sure, it can be done by the medical professional by using the particular technology.

For the urine test, the best and most accurate pregnancy test results can be obtained by using the first urine in the morning as the sample. It is especially for home testing or using the pregnancy test strips.

That is because the first urine in the morning is commonly the concentrated one so that the level of HCG will also be detected much easily.

How to Make Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Are you going to do pregnancy test? As you have already known, the main purpose of doing pregnancy test is for knowing whether HCG presences in woman’s body or not.

What is HCG is? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Nowadays, there are some ways to know whether someone is pregnant or not.

You must know that the cost of pregnancy test usually is little bit expensive and for those who have no enough money, they will not able to buy it.

Or maybe for women who have unsafe sex, sometimes they are afraid to use conventional pregnancy test because of some personal reasons or any other situations. So, is there any method that can be used as pregnancy test?

Now, if you want to save your money, you can use homemade pregnancy test.

Many women prefer to use homemade pregnancy test because it is not really expensive and the result is fast and more accurate.

Types of Homemade Pregnancy Test

Do you want to know how to make homemade pregnancy test? You need to know that this pregnancy test has three types.

The first is pregnancy test with dandelion leaves. This homemade pregnancy test uses dandelion leaves that have been kept on the ground. Then, you need to urinate it and see if it shows red blisters, it means that you’re pregnant.

The second type of homemade pregnancy test is using pine sol. You need to mix your urine with pine sol. If there’s a change in the color, you have an opportunity to be pregnant.

The last type is bleach pregnancy test. Bleach is something that can be used as whitening. Again, you have to mix the urine with it. If you notice some fizz substance, you may get pregnant.

Homemade pregnancy test is really simple to be made. If you want to do some simple and inexpensive methods, it’s the best tips for you.

What is the False Positive Pregnancy Test?

False Positive Pregnancy Test

What is the biggest dream of being a woman? A woman can be called a perfect woman if they can be a good wife for her husband and also a good mother for their children.

As a woman, knowing that you are pregnant is really good news, right? Now, there are some signs that will tell you that you’re pregnant. What are they? You are having a late period and you have nausea although you are not sick.

What you are going to do when you have those symptoms?

Many women decide to get the test by seeing their doctor. But, it seems that some people prefer to use a pregnancy test at home.

The home pregnancy test is really popular today, but there are some negative things about that. It’s about the false positive pregnancy test.

Have you heard about that?

What is that?

What are some causes of a false positive pregnancy test?

A false positive pregnancy test is a situation where the pregnancy test is positive, but actually, you are not pregnant!

What does it mean?

How come you’re not pregnant when the test shows the positive result?

What are the Reasons for False Pregnancy Test?

There are so many manufacturers that produce devices that can be used as home pregnancy tests. There are many people who decide to take a pregnancy test by using this device because it’s fast and practice. You just need to use your urine to know whether you are really pregnant or not.

Actually, the main cause OF false positive pregnancy test is really simple; some people don’t read the instructions carefully. It is said that you can check the result after five minutes, so you are not allowed to see the result before five minutes.

The false positive pregnancy test is also caused by certain medications that can manipulate your pregnancy test result.

If someone has a tumor, for example, it can influence the result of false positive pregnancy test.

There is a question regarding the usage of home pregnancy test because the result sometimes is not accurate. How come? Maybe many of you get a little bit to confuse about this one. If the result is not accurate, why do so many people keep using this one?

So, the best way to avoid false positive pregnancy test is by seeing your doctor for the blood test to know whether you are pregnant or not. One thing that you should know, using a home pregnancy test is still effective, but sometimes the result is not accurate. It can create false positive pregnancy test.

How to Deal with False Negative Pregnancy Test

If we are talking about false negative pregnancy test, you need to know that there are also methods in how you can deal with such a problem.

The first effort that you can do to deal with false negative pregnancy test is indeed by taking a blood pregnancy test instead of the urine test. It is because blood tests may rarely go wrong like the other pregnancy tests often did. It means that there will be no false which positive result will always be the positive and negative result will always become negative.

The second effort that you can do is by visiting professionals such as doctors. They indeed have better equipment and also better technologies to conduct better accuracy of the pregnancy test. It is true that false negative pregnancy can make us feel so much disappointed with our expectation of pregnancy. Yet, if you know how to prevent such disappointment by using the efforts above, it will be great for you.

Another important thing to conduct a better pregnancy test is indeed by knowing the perfect time to do it. In this case, morning time may become the best option because your urine is still in its best quality so that the result may become more precise indeed.

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