8 Health Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

You Need to Know About Lemon Essential Oil

The usage of essential oils dates back to ancient China with the Egyptians later developing a type of distillation device that allowed for better extraction of certain types of oil from such plants as cedarwood and nutmeg. 

You can still enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy oils today by using them for medicine, aromatic, cleaning, and cooking purposes. And one of my favorite essential oils to use is lemon. 

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There are many uses for the natural product lemon oil. People use lemon oil for many different things, from stress relief to curing stomach problems.

Lemon oil can normally be found in your local health foods or bath and beauty store, or at a pharmacy and many superstores.

1.Cold or flu

Lemon oil is a popular ingredient in many health remedies. Lemon oil contains many vitamins and minerals, which is why it works so well against bacteria. 

If you are running a fever, have a cold or flu. You use to put some lemon oil in your water to help fight, cure, and relieve symptoms. Lemon oil is also used to help assist with sleeping problems such as insomnia, and to relieve stress and anxiety.


Another popular use for lemon oil is as a beauty product. It is used for skin care: cleansing, toning, clearing, and stimulating the skin. 

Many people use lemon oil in their hair to give it shine. It also helps with dandruff. Adding lemon oil to water and drinking it has been known to fight off huger and help assist with weight loss.


Many stomach issues can be helped with lemon oil. Acid reflex, heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomachs can be settled with a couple of drops of the oil added to water. 

It is also known to work as a colon cleanser because of its bacteria-fighting capabilities.


Lemon is a popular scent for many candles and products with fragrance added. This is because the scent of lemon oil is very uplifting, fresh, and clean smelling. Add it to laundry and linens also for a fresh clean scent. 

Many people are aware but lemon oil is naturally a disinfectant. It is great to use in the kitchen. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and use it on surfaces. Even use it in the bathroom.


 Lemon oil is good for stress, mild infections, skin problems, detoxing, and feeling tired. As with most essential oils, you should dilute them in a carrier oil or water before using it. 

A good carrier oil to use with lemon is jojoba. Blend three drops of lemon in with ten drops of carrier oil. The best ways to apply lemon oil medicinally are massage and breathing the vapors in from a small bowl.


 Using lemon oil this way is very similar to how you would use it medicinally, but when using it for strictly aromatic purposes you can make it into a perfume or put it in a diffuser. 

A diffuser, usually composed of steaming the oil or mixing it in with melted candle wax. Allows for the oil to be naturally spread throughout a room.


 Perhaps the best way to use any citrus essential oil is for cleaning purposes. To clean with lemon oil you can use three drops of it in two cups of white distilled vinegar into an empty spray bottle. 

It’s great for wiping off wood and glass surfaces and even works on the old dust piles I find lurking in my closet or floor cabinets. Lemon is a great disinfectant that can give the whole house a clean, refreshing smell without having to use commercial chemical cleaners.


 You should be very careful when using any essential oil in cooking as they are potent plant oils. It’s safer to use herbs for giving more flavor and smell to food.

You can put one drop of lemon oil in a drink to give it a nice citrus taste. You can also add it to home-made salad dressing along with vinegar for a spicy taste.