10 Impressive Health Benefits of Onions

Health Benefits of Onions

Onions are an incredibly versatile food. You can use them in casseroles, add them to soups, eat them raw, or even drink onion juice. While many people love onion in at least one form, most people do not know the powerful health benefits of onions. Whether you use them internally or externally, onions are bound to improve your health.

1. Reduces Pain

Whether you are suffering from a bee sting or sunburn, onions are great at soothing irritated skin. You can either grate onions to create a paste, or you can juice onions and use them in their liquid form. Just apply a coat of onion paste or onion juice to where your skin hurts, and notice the stinging go away almost immediately.

2. Boosts Immune System

We all know that the body relies on healthy vitamin C levels in order to keep the immune system working properly. However, you may not know that vitamin C works even better when there are phytochemicals in your body. Onions are full of phytochemicals, so they can give your body a much-needed immune system boost. Try to eat more onions during cold and flu season to avoid the bugs that are bound to go around.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can cause numerous health problems, and high cholesterol can even shorten your life. Onions have especially strong effects on cholesterol in women and those who have heart disease. Regular consumption of onions can help to lower your cholesterol and keep it within a healthy range.

4. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common diseases and aging adults, so anything you can do to lower your risk of colon cancer is a good move. Onions have high levels of quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid that has been found to inhibit tumor growth. These effects are stronger in colon cancer than in other cancers. If you are at risk of colon cancer, adding a little bit of onion to your diet every day can minimize your risk.

5. Promote Heart Health

One of the biggest health benefits of onions is its ability to keep your heart healthy. There is a lot of research that demonstrates that onions can protect your heart and blood vessels from various ailments. Regular consumption of onions, in addition to other fruits and vegetables, can lower your risk of a heart attack. There is even better news. Most research has found that you only have to eat a small amount of onion on a regular basis to get this health benefit.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Whether you have asthma, arthritis, or another inflammation issue, onions may be able to help. Onionin A is a molecule that is found in onions, and it can help reduce inflammation by stopping your body from attacking itself. Onions are also full of antioxidants, which also have anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Regulates Blood Sugar

One of the newest health benefits of onions is their ability to regulate blood sugar. Onions have lots of chromium, a mineral that can naturally regulate your blood sugar.

Whether you are prone to high blood sugar or low blood sugar, regularly eating onions can help your body keep its blood sugar in the normal range.

8. Improves Vision

If you suffer from bad vision, you may be at risk for vision and eye diseases later in life. However, by eating onions regularly now, you can greatly improve your eye health.

Onions are a great source of vitamin A, a vitamin that plays a crucial role in your vision. Eating onions regularly can lower your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision diseases.

9. Heals Infections

Since infections run rampant in families with children, this is one of the most popular health benefits of onions. Onions can naturally fight infection without the help of pharmaceutical medications, making them a popular choice for natural-minded families.

While eating onions can help prevent infection, onion juice is the best way to deal with an already-existing infection.

10. Soothes Sore Throats

If you have a sore throat that is caused by a cold, the flu, or the weather, and onion may be able to help you.

One of the best health benefits of onions, soothing a sore throat can help you get through a cold with less pain. Just mix a small amount of onion juice with hot water and honey.