How to Make Yourself Throw Up Easily: 6 Best Methods And Expert Answers

Is throwing up good for you? Throwing up refers to the “automatic kicked out” your stomach’s bad content through the mouth, or even through the nose.

This natural system in our bodies helps to improve our digestive path and stomach from potentially harmful substances.

In this blog, we have listed below lots of methods on how to make yourself throw up easily.

When to induce vomiting

Caution: When you induce vomiting or throwing up be careful. In case you and others swallow something that could not be good for health, call a doctor or other expert at a time.

In this situation don’t try to treat the problem yourself at home. The reason behind why you don’t try to treat the issue at home?

Inducing throwing up can also lead to:

  • dehydration in the body
  • damage to the substance in your throat and mouth
  • chemical burns as the poison move back up
  • further harm caused by consuming of poisonous thinks  and stomach acid
  • aspiration, or inhaling vomit into your lungs

What Causes a Person to Want to Throw Up?

Nowadays one of the most common causes to feel throw up for controlling their weight. This mainly happened just because of eating too much or eating disorders.

Among other things mental health issues, stomach infections, and lots of other reasons include

  • pregnancy
  • liver problems
  • motion sickness
  • alcohol or drugs
  • poisoning
  • dizziness.

But fortunately, with the support of doctors, all these entire diseases can be cured with the right treatments.

Questions: Your Doctor query

If you are going to call your doctor related to throw up or vomit and maybe someone else, the physician put a question like:

  • What did you consume or drink?
  • Have you over-eating or drinking?
  • When did it happen?
  • How are you feeling right now?
  • Why did you over-eating or drinking?
  • Has this occurred before?
  • Why do you want to throw up or vomiting?
  • Are you force to throw up to burning fat?

Easiest Ways To Make Yourself Throw Up

We discus all throwing up methods one by one and also see What You Need to Know About throw up?

How to Safely Yourself Throw Up?

Given below 6 best and comfortable ways to make yourself throw up or vomit.

6 Best Ways to make yourself throw up Infographic

  1. Using your finger
  2. Warm Salt Water
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Gargle with egg whites
  6. Mustard solution

1. Using Your Finger to Make Yourself Throw Up

The finger method is the first and traditional  way to make yourself throw up. Especially this method helps out all the bad contents in your stomach.

Using Your Finger to Make Yourself Throw Up

How it’s Work?

  • Clean your hand properly before using the finger to make throw up.
  • Bend on your kneel and putting a finger into the mouth for vomiting.
  • As soon as you feel throw up, instantly take out your fingers and try again.
  • Clean your hands, when you are done vomiting.
  • But be careful not to harm yourself with your fingernails so cut your nails before.

2. Warm Salt Water

Taking warm water with salt can help out noxious material from the stomach through vomiting

Warm Salt Water to Make Yourself Throw up Infographic

Why Warm Salt Water Works?

Sodium is the main reason to work this method because salt has provided a large amount of sodium. 

Taking too much sodium can cause of removing harmful substances from the body through throwing up.

What is the steps or procedure for consuming warm saltwater?

Given below some simple procedure to consider while sipping in saltwater:

  • In a frying pan, take a glass of water and warm it. 
  • Add 4 tablespoons of salt to the water and mix it until it mixed properly.
  • Now, drink the warm salt water in step.
  • After that, you drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of plain water.

When you have completed this procedure, you will feel throwing up just because of sodium chloride present in our stomach, which triggers vomiting.

This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes to work. Warm salt water is perhaps one of the best homemade remedies to make yourself vomit.

3. Coca-Cola

Why Drinking Coca-Cola Is Actually Supposed To Make You Throw up?

When you are using a Coca-Cola bottle to make yourself vomit, make sure that cold drink has run out of carbon dioxide or bubbles. 

Coca-Cola To Make You Throw up

To trigger the fast throwing up sensation, you should consume a lot of water after you drink Coca-Cola. After that, you can fastest and quickly throw up.

As we know that coca-cola contains a high amount of soda that is harmful to us.

Coca-Cola has nothing nutrients and high in calories because it has contained a high level of sugar.

But Apart from this, over-drinking Coca-Cola is actually supposed to make you throw up.

4. Using Toothbrush

Did you ever think that Using Toothbrush will be able to assist you with throwing up?

Yes it can just because of rubbing your toothbrush against the back of your tongue.

When you repeat this process it will help to make yourself throw up immediately.

What to do in case you swallowed  something harmful?

Immediately dial this toll-free number 800-222-1222, when you feel that your kids and around you swallowed something that could be poisonous.

After that, you should call your doctor and inform them of all the happened conditions. According to your doctor follow all advice.

If in case doctors don’t receive the call, immediately dial their emergency line number.  

You can also call the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ online tool to your cellphone and text “POISON” to 797979 to save the National Poison Help Hotline number.

Expert  Questions and Answers

What Causes Throwing up?

There are many causes for throwing up like food poisoning, motion sickness, pregnancy and pressure etc.

Is it possible to Make Yourself Throw Up without causing harm?

Yes, It's possible...

Does Gargle with Egg Whites Make You Throw Up?

Gargle with egg whites is one of the best method to make you throw up easily because raw eggs has unpleasant smells and taste.

Is It safe to Force Yourself to Throw Up?

Usually making yourself throw up is not a good idea in those condition, if you want to without an instruction from a doctor or poison control