How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

Sore throats can be difficult to treat. Since there are so many illnesses that can cause them. When you treat a sore throat, it is important to note that you are just treating the symptom, not the illness.

However, since a sore throat can make it difficult to eat, sleep, and talk. It is a good idea to learn how to get rid of a sore throat while you wait for your illness to pass.

1. Slippery Elm

One of the most trusted natural remedies for a sore throat is slippery elm. Slippery elm is a tree, and its inner bark has many medicinal purposes. Specifically, it can be used to treat a sore throat. It can also be used topically for skin issues.

Chemical compounds in slippery elm act as natural painkillers. While you may choose to just chew on the bark to get its medicinal properties, many people find it more comfortable to take slippery elm in a supplement form.

2. Honey

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do for the throat but lubricate it and allow it to heal on its own. Honey is one of the best natural treatments for sore throats because of its thick texture and soothing qualities.

You can use honey to treat your sore throat by stirring a tablespoon into hot water or just eating the tablespoon of honey alone. It is important to use raw, organic honey since this type of honey has the most antiviral properties.

3. Olive Leaf Extract

There are many natural remedies for sore throats that work to treat the cause of the sore throat. Olive leaf extract is one of those treatments. It has natural antibiotic properties. It can treat infections that may cause a sore throat.

Most people do not have olive leaves at their disposal, so you may be able to enjoy the benefits of olive leaf extract in a supplement. Instead of just taking this extract when you are sick, it may be wise to make it part of your daily supplement routine during the cold season.

4. Echinacea

Echinacea is one of the natural treatments that have become accepted by even those who prefer mainstream medicine. It is a flowering plant that is native to the United States. Many scientists and doctors believe that it naturally boosts your immune system.

Therefore, taking it while you have a sore throat can help your body fight off the cause of your sore throat. You can cure your sore throat by eating echinacea leaves her flowers. Most people find it easier to take a supplemental pill.

5. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup works in much the same way that honey does. It lubricates the throat, allows the throat to heal itself, and keeps talking and eating from being painful.

Besides, maple syrup has health benefits from the maple tree that it comes from. It is important to use whole, unprocessed maple syrup when you are suffering from a sore throat. Much of the maple syrup you find in the store is just water, sugar, and maple flavoring.

6. Elderberry

Elderberries are a great way to treat a sore throat, no matter what the causes. Elderberries do not grow naturally in all parts of the United States, so you may have to use dried elderberries.

Because they are so potent, you can use far fewer dried elderberries than fresh elderberries. This berry can kill a virus. It helps the immune system more effectively attack bugs. Elderberries eliminate pain caused by your sore throat.

Many people find it more effective to make elderberries into a syrup or liquid, rather than eating them.