Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

What are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds come from the plant, Salvia Hispanica. Its name is derived from the Aztec word chian which means oily. This is also probably because chia seeds contain a lot of different beneficial fats and oils such as Omega 3.

Chia Seeds is certainly a convenient way to improve your health. Consuming chia seeds feel better about yourself, and make the most out of life. With over 27 key nutrients, Chia seeds contain approximately 6 times more calcium than milk does. It also comes with 100% more Omega-3 nutrients than salmon as well as 41% of your overall daily fiber needs. Taking only 41 calories in chia seeds in a single serving. When it comes to monitoring your daily nutrition, there is no guesswork.

Chia Seeds Nutrition Data

Check out some of chia seeds nutrition facts. Chia Seeds have over other health powerhouses!

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

The best thing about chia seeds is that it is suitable for men, women, and even children. Those who wish to boost their

  • energy levels,
  • improve digestive function,
  • maintain muscle mass, and
  • enhance overall health

Chia Seeds greatly benefit from this ultimate super-food .

Your body is a temple. So treat it like one. Try Chia Seed and enjoy super-food benefits with your busy lifestyle!

Here are the given below a list of Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

How does Chia Seeds Work?

For beginners, the Chia seed or its use as a dietary supplement and food enhancer dates back as far as the ancient times. The first people to use the seeds were the Aztecs. According to researchers, tribes belonging to the Aztec Empire have used the Chia seeds even before the conquistadors set foot in the American Continent. However, the conquerors merely dismissed the use of the Chia seed as nothing but pure hogwash.

Recently, however, scientists and health experts re-discovered its potentials in improving peoples health and well-being.

In fact, Chia seeds are also known to contain substances that can help combat diabetes.

This means that whenever you add Chia seeds in your diet, you do not only enhance the taste of your food but you also improve your nutrition and health.

Incorporating Chia seeds in your daily diet is also not that complicated. You do not even have to use a lot of it to boost its wonderful effect on your health.

One tablespoon is enough to provide you the energy and the health benefits that you need. It contains minerals, vitamins, protein, and fiber that are enough to get you going the whole day round.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Here are the list of health benefits of chia seeds:

  1. Help in Weight Loss
  2. Full of Antioxidants
  3.  Improve Digestion
  4. Chia Seeds: The Anti-Diabetes
  5. Lower High Cholesterol
  6. Easy Adding Chia Seeds to Your Diet
  7. Gluten Free Chia Seeds
  8. Chia Seeds Prevent the Hypertension
  9. Removes Toxins
  10. Strengthens your Heart
  11. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  12. Strengthens Teeth and Bones
  13. Boosts Energy
  14. Slows the Aging Process
  15. Reduces Food Cravings

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

1. Help in Weight Loss

No one sets out to be fat. We think we eat healthy. But this facts is not be truth, most of the 50% American diet is lack of nutritious .

Hey, it’s not your fault. At least, not totally. The responsibilities of life, children, families, relationships and career also take a bite out of your time and your energy.

Consuming fast food beckons in times like these, and it’s a heck-of-a-lot easier to grab a burger with fries than it is to plan a nourishing meal with the nutrition needed for optimum health.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that 64% of adult males and 72% of adult women in the United States are either over-weight or obese.

Increase Heart disease just because of excessive weight, is now the leading cause of death in the United States. Combine that with diabetes and cardiovascular disease and, well, fat sucks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the nutrition you need quickly, and with the convenience required for your busy lifestyle?

Well, we have good news for you that Chia Seed has covered over-weight problem. Chia Seed have enough protein and fiber to sustain your body’s nutritional needs. It’s the ultimate super-food for those on the go.

The chia seed can help with weight loss. It is full of fiber and when soaked in water, they become gel-like. Putting a couple of teaspoons in the juice for a few minutes before drinking makes it easier to swallow them.

They add bulk that makes you feel satisfied longer. Tryptophan, an amino acid in chia seeds, helps regulate appetite as well.

Belly fat may be caused by insulin resistance and it is one of the worst types of fat for your health. Consuming chia seed will help trim the belly fat as it eliminates the extra insulin put out by the pancreas.

2. Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are extremely important for overall well-being. Chia seeds are full of these important elements that are known to protect the body against the daily assaults of oxidation.

Antioxidants target the free radicals in your body that cause damage to your cells and alterations in the DNA that leads to cancer and aging.

Chia seeds also contain special antioxidants. With its anti-oxidant formula, your body will have its much needed protection against the onslaught of pollution. And also other unhealthy substances from the environment. Think of these seeds as a special helmet designed to strengthen your immune system and prepare yourself against diseases, bacteria, and viruses.

Perhaps the best selling point that will make people more interested on this dietary supplement is the capability of Chia seeds to decrease your weight sans depleting your energy.

Unlike a low-carb diet that robs your body off with its much-needed energy, Chia seeds will still make you capable of performing you daily tasks. Yup. You will never experience any low energy vibe with this superb dietary supplement. As a bonus, no side effects and cravings will ever bug you.

Other diet supplements and programs will only make you crave for more and experience that excruciating hunger pangs. With Chia seeds in your diet, you will never experience that. Instead, you will feel stronger, sexier, and healthier the natural way.

3. Chia Seeds Digestion Problems

The vast chia seeds benefits include increased energy levels, improved digestion, and better complexion. It can also boost your mental sharpness, tone your muscles and allow you to sleep better at night.

Chia seeds is certainly the most convenient supplement. You can use it  to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

A majority of its healthy fat content also comes from omega-3 fatty acids, which refer to essential amino acids known as ALA. Although one tablespoon of Chia seeds only contains 50 to 70 calories. It’s remains an excellent source of essential minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids.

4. Chia Seeds: The Anti-Diabetes

When the body’s blood sugar is kept constant, sugar cravings are greatly reduced. Chia seeds help keep glucose levels from spiking by slowing its release into the bloodstream.

This is due to the seed’s fiber content. Consuming chia seeds with meals and snacks is suggested for optimal benefits.

When Chia Seeds comes to eating habits, people who have ailments especially diabetic individuals are the most unlucky ones. Here is the dilemma: they need to stay full throughout the day without adding more empty calories on their certain diets.

The development of amazing dietary supplements such as Chia seeds helps alleviate the conditions of diabetics who still want to have a full diet without the dangers that comes with a high calorie diet.

Dubbed as a natural superfood, Chia seeds will remove all your worries when it comes to consuming different types of food. Chia seeds are flavorless so these are very easy to incorporate on your diet.

You can easily add it to your favorite cuisines and drinks without changing their natural flavor. Like the best spices, Chia seeds will enhance your food. However, unlike spices, Chia seeds will not overpower the taste of your food. Instead, it will merely enhance its quality.

With Chia seeds, you can still stay healthy without overeating or overindulging on unhealthy snacks. In short, this wonderful dietary supplement will help you achieve all your nutrition goals without much effort.

5. Lower High Cholesterol

The USDA recommends that healthy Americans consume 20-35 grams of fiber per day, yet the average adult gets only ten to fifteen daily grams on a regular basis. Intake fiber can lower high cholesterol, keep you lean and reduce constipation

You might also find that Chia Seed makes you more pleasing to the eye, with better skin and increased lean muscle mass.

Organic chia seed is also perfect for those who are too busy to monitor their daily nutritional intake.

If you want to stay healthy but you do not have enough time to prepare nutritious meals, all you need to do is add a teaspoon of organic chia seed to your favorite morning cereal.

After eating your cereals, you can already face another hectic day with a rejuvenating smile on your face.

6. Easy Adding Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Incorporating Chia seeds into your daily diet is incredibly easy. You will not need to read special cookbooks or recipes just to add this amazing super-food to your diet.

Since the seeds of Chia are almost tasteless, you will have the freedom to add them to any type of food you prefer eating.

You can sprinkle them on your morning cereal or peanut butter toast, toss them liberally into your favorite stews and sauces, and blend them into a refreshing fruit smoothie.

You can also try making your own Chia gel by mixing a tablespoon of organic chia seed with a tablespoon of water.

Let the mixture sit for fifteen minutes and wait until it forms a soft gel. You can use this gel to replace half the oil or butter in your favorite recipes without changing their flavor or limiting the cooking methods you can use.

When it comes to adding Chia seeds to your diet, all you need is a little creativity. You will not need to grind them as well because your body can easily digest them and absorb all the essential nutrients they contain.

Your family will have no idea that you have actually increased the nutritional content of their meals with these tiny, tasteless seeds but they will certainly experience the amazing health benefits from Chia supplementation.

7. Gluten Free Chia Seeds

For people who are looking for a gluten-free option that is full of nutrients, fiber and the right type of fatty acids, chia seeds benefits will be very interesting to hear about.

First of all, chia seeds benefits have been broadcast for the world to see one of the largest and most well-known television shows in the entire world.

Chia seeds benefits are most well known for their fiber. Fiber is an essential part of the human diet that nobody can do without.

People who choose to not eat fiber usually have internal problems with their digestion. The ability to retain water and properly excrete the food and toxins within the body is tied directly to fiber.

Most Americans do not consume enough fiber in their diet. Due to fast foods and other types of products, there is a huge lack of knowledge about fiber benefits.

One more of the many chia seeds benefits is the ability to lose weight without going hungry. Chia seeds are rich in fiber and will allow you to not be hungry for a long time. You can take advantage of this great feature by using chia seeds as a diet tool like many others do.

8. Chia Seeds Prevent the Hypertension

The actual Omega-3 acrylic which is the just like advantageous skin oils. Within fish is probably the important health benefits of chia seeds simply because Omega-3 is important for the sake of your center.

It works against the hypertension. Omega-3 can also be needed to reduce the effects of toxins within your body.

9. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega-3s in chia seeds are one of the most important reasons to make chia seed part of a nutrition program. Omega-3s help reduces inflammation in your bodies, such as arthritis and harmful inflammation caused by free radicals.

Cognitive performance is known to be enhanced as well. Chia seeds help reduce the bad cholesterol in your blood which leads to atherosclerosis.

10. Strengthens Teeth and Bones

The calcium in chia seeds contributes to healthy bones. This may also keep osteoporosis at bay. Other essential nutrients such as manganese, biotin, and thiamin play a part to keep teeth and bones strong. Phosphorus in chia seeds is an important component of healthy bones.

11. Boosts Energy

Chia seeds have the protein, combined with the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain your energy throughout the day. The seeds are great in health shakes and fruit smoothies.

An additional benefit is increased energy means more calories burned for weight loss.

12. Slows the Aging Process

Chia seeds are full of the antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. When free radicals do their damage to skin cells, wrinkles and other symptoms of aging accelerate.

Prevent premature aging by consuming chia seeds. The phosphorus in these tiny seeds helps the body synthesizes protein for repairing cells and tissues.

13. Reduces Food Cravings

Another health benefit of chia seeds is the fiber in chia seeds will fill you up.

Besides, they contain calcium and essential trace minerals that will curb your appetite and stop food cravings.

What is the origin of chia seeds?

Organic chia seeds continue to stand out from other health supplements because it exhibits extraordinary nutritional value. Every tiny seed is packed with essential nutrients, which makes it convenient for increasing daily nutrition.

According to the collective nutritional database of the USDA, Chia contains approximately 31% fat, 16% protein, and 44% of carbohydrates with 38% of fiber.

Check out some of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Organic chia seeds also became popular because it is a fantastic source of cholesterol-free proteins. Packed with complete vegetable proteins, Chia seeds contain over 9 essential amino acids. So they were able to get an impressive score of 115 out of 100 in terms of protein quality.

They do not contain any trace of cholesterol, which makes them perfect supplements for people who are looking for food items that are friendly to the heart. All of these proteins also make them the most satisfying protein snack in the market.

Unlike other super-foods, Chia seeds do not need grinding and they do not rot like flax seeds. If you have always been a busy bee, getting all the essential nutrients and fatty acids from your diet.

Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed is already available. You can easily add it to any meal because it is nearly tasteless and it will not affect the consistency of your food.

Unlike flax seeds, Chia seeds have a very gentle flavor so they will never overpower the taste of your favorite meals. They are almost tasteless so they can easily blend into any meal you have in mind.

You can either turn them into a soft gel by combining them with liquid. And you can also heat the seeds before adding them to soups, sauces, pastries, and the likes.

The heat will not affect their nutritional value but you should certainly avoid exposing them to extremely high heat.

How to eat Chia Seeds?

Sprinkle Chia seeds on salads, include them in your dipping sauces or salad dressings, throw them in stews, and bake them in pastries. Spread them on toast or blend them into your favorite fruit shake.

When it comes to incorporating Chia seeds into your diet, just use your imagination, as you can serve them in seconds. They also have an impressive shelf life so you can store them as long as you want to.

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Side Effects of Chia Seeds

Is Chia Seed Danger – Good, Bad, and Ugly?

Chia seed side effects have shown both positive and negative side effects.

The positive side effects of Chia seeds are:

Does Chia Seeds Lower Blood Pressure?

  • Yes, chia seeds help in lower blood pressure
  • Terrific source of soluble fiber, magnesium, calcium, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • High in antioxidants
  • Low sodium.
  • Easily digestible
  • Mild tasting and can be used on or in virtually anything, including salads, drinks, soups, sandwiches, etc.
  • Increase energy levels. Chia seeds are an ideal source of diet supplementation of energy without all the fat. People suffering from cancer can use Chia seeds for energy reinforcement.
  • Fiber dense which helps to slow metabolized carbs which can help to curb one’s appetite and help to control blood sugar levels by slowing the transformation of carbohydrates into sugar. For this reason, Chia seeds may be a useful aid in the management of diabetes.

However, not all of the benefits of consuming Chia seeds are positive. There is another side to Chia seeds.

Dangers of Chia Seeds

The negative side effects of Chia seeds are:

  • People with low blood pressure or who take blood pressure lowering medications may need to avoid Chia seeds because they can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.
  • Chia seeds can increase allergic reactions in some people. That’s why, one should exercise caution when consuming Chia seeds or when using them as an additive in certain foods and drinks.
  • Since Chia seeds contain a large amount of soluble fiber they can create excessive bloating and gas for some people.

As you can see, Chia Seed have many positive attributes. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure or are allergic to anything, check with your doctor before you start taking Chia seeds or using them in your food or drink. These are the dangers of chia seeds.


Finally,  organic chia seeds contain a great deal of fiber. Two tablespoons of organic chia seed contains 10.3 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber.

It is nearly 42% of the amount of fiber you need to consume daily. That number is also equivalent to three to four times more fiber than the amount you will get from expensive fiber supplements.

What makes Chia Seeds a super-food?

Chia Seeds are full of nutrition and offers health benefits ranging from fewer digestive problems to better skin and sleep quality. At 16% protein, 31% fat and 44% carbohydrates, and with 27+ essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more potent food source.

Why should I try Chia Seeds?

You should try it for its exceptional nutritional content and for its many health benefits, including better digestion (with reduced irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and diarrhea), better skin tone, and for better sleep and even healthy weight management.

Who should eat Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are suggested for pregnant women, vegetarians, children, athletes, diabetics. And basically those consumers who wish to maintain a healthy body mass index or who want to fight the effects of aging. In short, anyone interested in health and well-being should try Chia Seeds.

Why does Chia Seeds sound familiar?

If every people know about chia seeds, that’s because it’s received extensive media coverage in recent months. And its also including coverage in The Globe and Mail. Other main reason for chia seeds sound familiar, its numerous health benefits. How it offers super-food nutrition with the convenience to blend in to a busy schedule.

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