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Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy: Symptoms and Treatment

How to deal with Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy for most of women becomes something amazing and wonderful. Of course, it is for them who have to wait for the pregnancy. The pregnancy will be something risky if we do not even know much about that condition.

That is why we need to be much more careful about that condition, including about the glucose test pregnancy which is totally important for knowing the level of glucose in the blood. Pregnancy is the condition that is totally risky and of course, there are a lot of changes that happen which the women have never experienced before.

The pregnancy commonly brings different effects to pregnant women. Commonly, pregnant women often feel upset about facing some changes in their bodies and also the system of the body. That is why they need to have much information about that and know much about how to take care of their health and their pregnancy until childbirth.

Some changes come and we need to notice about it by monitoring it regularly. That is why the regular checkup is required in order to make sure that the mom and the pregnancy in a good condition and if there is a problem, we will know and realize it as soon as possible.

Glucose Test During Pregnancy

The glucose test pregnancy is also that important in order to deal with the changes in the body and its system too. Of course, it will be that different during the pregnancy. We need to be able to monitor it well if we do not want something bad happens because of the worst level of glucose on the blood of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the production of insulin needs to be increased well. Sure, pregnant women need extra insulin in order to prevent the worst problems such as gestational diabetes which is often experienced by a lot of pregnant women.

When pregnant women could not deal with the need for more insulin, it might cause the disability to regulate the blood sugar. The regulation commonly becomes that worst and worst so that it might increase the blood sugar level to be really high.

What Is Gestational Diabetes?

The blood sugar, which is that high, can show the condition called gestational diabetes. That is why the glucose test pregnancy is important to deal with during the pregnancy in order to monitor the level of glucose in the blood for pregnant women.

It will be that significant and require to be done by pregnant women since many of them are experiencing such this condition because they do not monitor it well. If we are able to monitor it regularly then we will know the condition of the glucose level inside the blood.

Surely, women usually feel have no idea about dealing with their pregnancy, especially for the first pregnancy that is experienced. Sometimes, we have a great worry because of the different condition which can be on three hundred and sixty degrees that happen to us.

No matter how we have to be careful ?

How to deal with Gestational Diabetes?

Of course a newly pregnant woman, it is better for us to get a lot of information in order to prevent any kind of worst experience that can happen to us and the baby.

Now we are going to talk about that, especially about the glucose test pregnancy and gestational diabetes.

First of all, surely, we need a lot of information about this bad threat over pregnant women, which is about the condition of the high level of glucose in the blood or it is called gestational diabetes or diabetes which occurs during the pregnancy.

We need to know much about the bad condition.The explanation about this condition or about gestational diabetes has been shown above.

What are the Common Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes?

Now, it is time to talk about the symptoms of the condition. Actually, we need to care about the condition of the body including the level of glucose of the blood.

Why? Surely, it is because this condition just has no specific symptom.

The symptoms which commonly occur are the common diabetes symptoms such as

  • Often feeling thirsty,
  • The high frequent urination,
  • Often feel exhausted.

So this condition often could not be noticed as soon as possible because there is no specific symptom that might sign us.

The women who are pregnant in their thirty or older age have a higher risk off gestational diabetes. The heredity is also the factor that might affect this situation. If a woman has experienced it before.

For example for the previous pregnancy, she needs to be much more careful because she has a higher risk too in experience it in her next pregnancies.

The impacts usually experience by pregnant women with serious gestational diabetes. There are a lot of women who experience it can still give birth with the healthy baby. Of course, having the glucose test pregnancy is still needed.

The Types of Glucose Test Pregnancy

We need to have a lot of ideas and information about gestational diabetes.

For example:

How to treat gestational diabetes well?

How to prevent gestational diabetes?

What kind of medical checkup which the pregnant women need in order to prevent this worst condition and many more?

We have said before that glucose test pregnancy is important for pregnant women. Surely, that is one of the most important medical checkups for women during their pregnancy.

So, when we get such uncontrolled or high glucose, we can get immediate treatment to maintain a normal glucose level. That is the reason why the glucose pregnancy test is absolutely important for a mother. Especially for them who have a higher risk of experiencing gestational diabetes.

In order to get the proper glucose test pregnancy, we have to deal with some ideas about this medical checkup. Of course, many of the women often ask about the procedures, the types, the differences with the common diabetes problems, and so on.

Those are the usual questions that might arise when we have never get such this test before. Now, we will talk about the types of glucose pregnancy testing and screening. There are two types of screening test for it, there are:

1. Glucose Screening Test

In Glucose Screening Test, we take 50 grams of sugar and  200 ml of water. The pregnant women CONSUME sugar solution.  After one hour, the glucose test can be done without fasting.

2. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

Then the second type is “OGTT” with 75 grams of sugar in 300 ml of water.

For this test, the pregnant woman has to do fasting eight hours in three days before the test.

Then, the procedure is similar to the previous type of glucose test pregnancy.

What is the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes ?

Of course, no one of the pregnant women wants to get any problems. The problem regarding the level of glucose inside the blood that might offer a high risk of gestational diabetes.

As we have discussed and explained before that the condition of gestational diabetes might affect some worst problems such as

  • Complication of health problems,
  • The problems of giving birth,
  • The problems of the baby

and many more.

If the result of the pregnancy glucose test shows our high level of glucose. We need to be careful then and take the immediate treatment to neutralize the level of glucose inside the blood.

What kinds of actions that we need to do?

When the glucose test pregnancy shows the high level of glucose inside the blood.

The first is we need to do the exercises regularly, such as swimming, walking, pregnancy gyms, and many more.

Then, the second way is by controlling the consumption of fat that we eat. Then, decreasing the consumption of salt is also important in order to lower the level of glucose.

In addition, we need to consume more vegetables and fruits every day. Then, of course, do not forget to still have a pregnancy glucose check for regular monitoring.

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