9 Effective Guava Benefits: Heart Healthy, Weight Loss

1. Treats diarrhea

Guava possesses astringent properties. It helps to treat diarrhea and dysentery. It stops the growth of bacteria and treats dysentery in no time.

2. Improves the gums

This wonderful fruit makes the gums tighter. Consuming guava juice prevents swelling and bleeding of gums.

3. Prevents cough and cold

This fruit is rich in vitamin C. Guava juice provides great relief from cough and cold. It also prevents other respiratory problems. Eating raw guava also helps treat infections.

4. Lowers the blood pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure should consume guava or its juice to reduce their blood pressure. It also helps to lower down the cholesterol levels. This amazing fruit treats hypertension naturally.

5. Aids weight loss

This wonderful fruit helps in weight loss as it is rich in fiber. If you are trying to lose weight, try eating this fruit. Guavas can do wonders for you. It improves blood circulation and metabolism. It also provides the necessary nutrients to the body.

6. Prevents heart attack

It prevents the accumulation of fatty substances and keeps you away from a heart attack. Heart diseases can also be prevented. This wonderful fruit prevents toothache. It also fights bad breath.

A high level of Vitamin C is present in guavas. It provides vitamin C to the body. Another important benefit of guavas is that they prevent cataracts. By consuming guava, you can avoid stomach ulcers also.

7. Avoids cancer

The antioxidants present in this fruit make it useful for preventing cancer. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men. Asthma can be prevented by the consumption of guava regularly. Guava prevents congestion in the lungs. It improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart.

8. Prevents constipation

Guava contains large amounts of fiber. Hence, it is known to be beneficial in preventing constipation. If you suffer from constipation, taking this fruit regularly can help you a lot.

9. Takes good care of the skin

Guavas are beneficial to tighten the skin. They improve the elasticity of the skin and make it healthy. This fruit prevents wrinkles and makes you look younger.