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25 Best Low-Carb Vegetables

Best Low Carb Veggies

Consuming a lot of carbs can have a huge impact on our bodies. Carbs are good for our body.  If we consume too many carbs our body will start to increase weight. Best Low carb vegetables are the fundamental if you want to lose or maintain weight and stay healthy.

You must know which vegetables contain a high carbs and which contain low carbs. You should stay away high carb vegetables like

  • potatoes,
  • carrots, beans,
  • corn,
  • yams.

Low carb vegetables is best to stay away from them.

List Of Best Low Carb Vegetables

It is important that you know which vegetables are low in carbs. You should pick your vegetables carefully if you are on a low carb diet.

There are many best low carb vegetables to add variety to your eating plan.

How carbs are counted?

The fiber should be subtracted from the carb count.

Net Carbs = Total Carb Grams – Grams of Fiber

This equation will help you determine its place on the glycemic index.

The most popular low carb vegetables which are appropriate if you are on a low carb or ketogenic diet are:

1. Bell Peppers

They come in different colors (red, green, yellow) and are perfect for salads. Bell peppers provide a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. You can consume them because they only have 4g of carbohydrates per 100g serving.

2. Carbs in Tomatoes

Do tomatoes have carbs?

Yes, Tomatoes contains contain 3g carbs per 100g (3 ½ ounces). You can eat raw tomatoes and use it for making sauces or drinks. This low carb vegetable consists of 90% water.

Tomatoes is rich in lycopene. Lycopene can help to prevent prostate cancer and is proven to decrease the risk of breast cancer.

3. Broccoli

How many carbs in Broccoli?

Broccoli has large flower heads that are green and arranged in a tree-like fashion. You should boil it when you consume. Some people eat raw Broccoli .

Boiling can reduce its anti-cancer compounds. Broccoli produce high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Broccoli loaded 1,3g carbs per 100g (3 ½ ounces).

4. Spinach

Carbs in Spinach

Spinach can be consume as fresh. You can cook it or boil it. Spinach is good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, iron and protein.

This low carb vegetable is well liked because of Popeye the Sailor Man. Spinach include 1,6g carbs per 100g (3 ½ ounces).

5. Celery

Carbs in Celery

Celery is an excellent low carb vegetable. It can easily intake in a number of vegetable soup recipes.

Celery contains less than 1 g of carbohydrates per 3 ½ ounce serving.

6. Lettuce

Lettuce is also another very popular low-carb vegetable. It has less than 1 carbohydrate per serving and only 16 calories per 3 ½ ounce serving.

These are the most popular vegetables people eat when they are on a low carb diet. If you are unsure how many carbs a certain vegetable contains go to Nutrition Data and check it out.

7. Asparagus

How many carbs in asparagus

Asparagus nutritional benefits contains vitamins A, B6, C, K, and thiamine. This tasty veggie besides has selected beta carotene, potassium, zinc and fiber.

Here are other reasons to fall in love with asparagus: It has rebuff fat, contains rebuff cholesterol and is low in sodium. Asparagus provide only 4g of carbs per 100g serving.

8. Carbs in Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the few good sources of vitamin B12 – very important for vegetarians and vegans. Besides, mushrooms are rich in potassium and phosphorous as well as protein and fiber. They are also exceptionally low in calories.

Mushrooms have very fewer calories and contain approximately 80 to 90 percent water. The combination of low fat and carbohydrates and zero cholesterol with high proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber makes mushrooms an ideal food for people who are struggling to lose their extra weight.

Mushrooms are naturally low in calories and contain virtually zero fat. One cup of most varieties of mushrooms contains 45 calories or less. Daily intake in any form will never harm except burning your unwanted fat.

More Vegetables that help to lose Weight

To make your life easier we have a list of best low carb vegetables, which help to lose weight. Below is a list of low carb vegetables and the amount of carbs they contain per 100g (3 ½ ounces).

  1. Bell Peppers – 4g
  2. Carbs in Tomatoes – 3g
  3. Broccoli – 1,3g
  4. Carbs in Spinach – 1,6g
  5. Alfalfa sprouts – 0,4g
  6. Carbs in Asparagus – 4g
  7. Beansprouts – 4g
  8. Brussels sprouts – 3,1g
  9. Cabbage Chinese – 1,4g
  10. Cabbage red – 3,7g
  11. Capsicum Pepper – 2,6g
  12. Cauliflower – 2,3g
  13. Celeriac – 2,3g
  14. Celery – 0,9g
  15. Zucchini – 1,8g
  16. Cucumber – 1,5g
  17. Chicory – 1g
  18. Eggplant – 2,2g
  19. Endive – 2,8g
  20. Lettuce – 1,7g
  21. Mushrooms – 3,4g
  22. Okra – 3g
  23. Pumpkin – 2,2g
  24. Radish – 2g
  25. Watercress – 0,4g

Why are low carb vegetables important if you want to stay fit?

Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. They are low in calories. You can consume a lot of vegetables and you won’t gain weight. Your abdomen will be full and you won’t have a need to eat junk food.

Low carb vegetables load some carbohydrates but they are mostly fiber. Fiber helps for everyone to stay full and come in two forms: soluble and insoluble.

Low carb vegetables are the best option to live healthy and to lose excess fat. Change all you high carb food like

  • bread,
  • candy,
  • chips,
  • soft drinks

with best low carb vegetables like spinach, celery, salad, cauliflower and you will see results fast.

To enhance the taste of vegetables you can use spices and herbs. They are also low in carbohydrates which makes them ideal.

How To Prepare A Low Carb Vegetables Diet?

The next point is to think about how foods are prepared. The problem with so many vegetables is that they are often prepared in many ways that might add carbs to them.

Vegetable recipes should feature raw vegetables that have not been treated. Low carb vegetables are not going to be influenced by oils and other items that might carbs.

They may even have all their nutrients intact and potentially be better tasting because their natural flavors are still intact.

Low Carb Vegetables Diet Infograpgic

How To Prepare A Low Carb Vegetables Diet

The platter size of vegetables should be considered carefully.

For example:

People who want to cut up vegetables and place them in a soup. Everyone should observationhow carbohydrate counts may be lager if more of something is used.

For example:

In 1 cup of Florida avocado may have 5g of carbohydrates. It may be best for a soup or other kind of recipe to use fewer avocados to keep the carb count down.

The Right Low Carb Vegetables You Should Eat

Vegetables that naturally have fewer carbs. But they have more carbs because Vegetables are prepared in some harmful forms. These include vegetables that are frozen or canned.

They often have some preservatives or artificial flavorings in them. This might keep some vegetables from being as safe as they should be.

You should avoided those vegetables, which have starches like potatoes. This types of veggie relatively risky for some diets.

High Carb Vegetables

The most common consuming high carb vegetables are include:

  • potatoes
  • peas
  • corn
  • squash

List of High Carb Vegetables

Here are the top High Carb Vegetables list, which is given below:

  • Black-eyed peas 1 cup : 100g carbs
  • Garbanzo beans 1 cup : 126g carbs
  •  Pinto beans 1 cup : 120g carbs
  • White beans 1 cup : 122g carbs
  • Lima beans 1 cup : 112g carbs
  • Green peas 1 cup : 120g carbs
  • 1 large potato : 57g carbs
  • Plantains(sliced)1 cup : 47g carbs
  • Sweet potato(chopped) 1 cup : 27g carbs
  • 1 cup(sliced)Parsnips 1 cup : 24g carbs
  • Potato (diced) 1 cup : 27g carbs
  • Corn 1 cup : 27g carbs
  • Butternut squash (chopped) 1 cup : 16g carbs
  • Carrot (chopped): 1 cup: 12g carbs
  •  Pumpkin(chopped)1 cup : 8g carbs


For the best low carb vegetables, follow all these instructions. This types of veggie are often simple to manage if they are prepared right and work with plenty of fiber in them.

These are things that prove that vegetables are perfect for any low carb diet.