13 Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are the most popular salad option. So cucumbers are recognized for their health benefits. They contain an abundance of nutrients that can stave off many types of illness and disease.

They are easy to incorporate into your meal planning. Check out the many health benefits of cucumbers.

1. Fights Cancer

There are powerful antioxidants in cucumbers, essential to fight certain kinds of cancer. Cucumbers are found lots of lignans such as

  • lariciresinol,
  • pinoresinol, and
  • secoisolariciresinola.

Research has been shown these lignans help to reduce risks of

  • breast,
  • uterine,
  • prostate,
  • and ovarian cancers, to name a few.

2. Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Cucumbers are a great natural source of anti-inflammatory, which helps to prevent gout or arthritic pain. It is believed that the phytonutrients in this vegetable help to lower uric acid levels.

Therefore, relieve inflammation in the tissues. Vitamin C can aid in this ailment as well because it has antioxidant properties.

3. Pain Relief

Studies have shown that cucumbers can be beneficial in pain relief. It is believed the flavonoids target inhibit certain enzymes in the body that produce prostaglandins, which are responsible for the sensation of pain.

4. Helps Digestion

With all the drugs on the market today for heartburn and gastric distress, it is reassuring to know that you have a natural alternative.

Cucumber juice is suggested for these symptoms and even may help heal ulcers by drinking a glass every day.

5. Bone Health

Cucumbers can improve bone strength because they contain vitamin K. This nutrient is used by the body to help bind calcium to skeletal tissue. This nutrient also helps the blood to coagulate. So when you get a cut, the blood forms a clot at the site within a few short minutes.

6. Helps with Esophageal Cancer

Cucumbers contain an element called molybdenum. It is a trace mineral found in the human body that is responsible for the activity of many enzymes.

One of its benefits may be the reduction of esophageal cancer. There have been studies that show a high incidence of this type of cancer in China where there is a scarcity of molybdenum.

7. Reduces Cholesterol

An important compound found in cucumbers is called sterols. They are known to help reduce cholesterol in the human body.

The skin has the highest concentration of sterols, so make sure to consume this part of the vegetable.

8. Helps with Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, you can indulge in this food to your heart’s content as it is low in calories. It is full of fiber, which will fill you up.

It has a high water content to make you feel full as well. You can enjoy them as a pickle as well but opt for the dill pickles.

9. Improves Joint Health

Silica is an important element as far as promoting strong joints. So cucumbers would be great for anyone active.

It also helps support connective tissue, like tendons and ligaments. To ensure that they stay strong and pliable.

10. Controls Blood Pressure

If you are having issues with hypertension, cucumbers may help lower your blood pressure. Potassium is known to counteract the effects of sodium in the body.

The magnesium and fiber contained in this green vegetable also help regulate blood pressure.

11. Beneficial for Teeth and Gums

If you drink cucumber juice regularly, it will make your smile brighter. It’s also beneficial for any teeth or gum problems a person may have, especially in people suffering from pyorrhea.

12. Keeps Kidneys in Shape

Cucumbers help keep kidneys functioning better by keeping the uric acid levels in your blood at a lower percentage. High uric acid levels will contribute to kidney stones and other problems within your body so it is imperative to keep them low.

13. Flushes out Toxins

Flushing out the toxins that are produced in your body will not only make you healthier but make you feel better.

The fiber and the water in cucumbers will take away anything that is hanging around in your intestines, plus it helps with regularity.