Alcoholic Gastritis: Stomach Pain and Treatment

Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not a good habit, as has been proved time and again by various researches and medical conditions of people who have been regular alcohol drinkers.

If you’re having pain in the stomach after consumption of alcohol, it is due to the adverse effects the substance has on the body, which includes damage to the inner lining of your stomach as well as the pancreas, liver and gallbladder, all of which can lead to pain in the stomach and discomfort for you.

While certain treatments are available for reducing the pain in your stomach, it is most advisable to stop consuming alcohol since it is the root of all problems and can have severe negative effects on your body in the long run, something you cannot afford to risk since a life is very precious and should not be wasted doing things that are not only illogical but also damaging to your own self.

As we mentioned, chronic intake of alcohol ends up altering the function of the gastrointestinal tract which causes aches in the stomach as well as heartburn, acid reflux and related problems. Having too much alcohol can also cause ulcers in the lining of your stomach in case the consumption leads to stomach inflammation. This can at times be accompanied by cramps and bleeding as well.

While there are many reasons that can lead to stomach pain after alcohol intake, you need not know all the medical details as it’s best to consult a doctor instead of speculating on a variety of reasons and spending your time figuring out what has caused the problem.
What you do need to know is what can be done to prevent as well as stop the pain you’re experiencing. So read on.

How To Stop Stomach Pain After Drinking?

There are a number of ways you can follow to cure the pain although at times they can resolve themselves on their own. Here are a few things you can try:

1. Drink some fruit juice so as to counter the loss of important substances from your body, including vitamins, minerals, fluids and salts as they are crucial for the well being and proper functioning of your body.

2. Drink lots of water so as to stay properly hydrated at all times. Apart from keeping you in good shape, it will cleanse your body from unwanted substances and keep your refreshed as well.

3. If you have a hangover, resting for a while would be a good idea as it can help your mind and body relax and reduce or eliminate the stomach pain.

4. Before drinking alcohol, make sure to eat something and keep this in mind in the future to prevent chances of stomach pain.

5. Avoid drinking too many glasses of alcohol at a fast past. Also, drink water in between to hydrate yourself.