9 Best Health Benefits of Ginger

Proven Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger which is grown as root is a form of cuisine on its own with very many other uses. The Chinese and Indians have been using it for very many years. It may be used in various forms such as dried, pickled, powdered or fresh.

The health benefits of ginger are very many and this makes it feel like a medicine war chest. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and that helps a lot in giving it its health properties.

1. Treats Nausea

Nausea has to be one of the worst feelings that a human body could endure. It is irritating and the feeling is very unpleasant. When you chew on ginger it could help reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

When you have undergone surgery or you are feeling seasick ginger will help reduce those sensations. One of the major side effects of chemotherapy is usually nausea and chewing ginger will help get rid of that feeling.

2. Improves Congestion

Ginger has been known to stimulate the secretion of mucus and to inhibit the contraction of the airways. When you are having those persistent coughs which just won’t go away this is what you should take.

Ginger will help expand your lungs and reduce the uneasiness. When you mix ginger with honey it is the best for sore throats and for relieving any congestion in the nose and throat.

3. Reduces Morning Sickness

For most women, morning sickness is something that they find very annoying. The feeling is very bad and leads to a lot of discomforts. It makes your morning very bad and most ladies would like to do away with it.

Most pregnant women will find ginger very beneficial in reducing their morning sickness and they should try it out. It is, however, advisable to first consult your doctor before using ginger. In women still, ginger has been known to reduce the symptoms of menstrual pain that some women experience.

4. Improves Digestion

After a large meal, it would be a very good idea to take some ginger. Ginger will help improve the absorption of essential nutrients in the body and it will also make the process of digestion much easier. The proteins in your food will easily be broken down making them much easier to digest.

Ulcers that are caused by inadequate mucus lining on the stomach walls can be prevented since ginger stimulates the secretion of mucus in the stomach walls. It also stimulates the secretion of pancreatic and gastric enzymes. When you experience stomach problems such as bloating ginger will also come in handy. It has properties that make it very effective in gas expulsion.

5. Maintains Blood Circulation

Blood circulation in the body is very important. Any deviation from the normal blood flow may result in heart problems and complications. Elements such as Zinc, Chromium, and Magnesium are contained in ginger.

They help in improving the flow of blood, preventing excessive sweating and they also help prevent chills and fever. This helps maintain normal blood circulation in the body.

6. Fights Cancer

The number of antioxidants that can be found in the ginger root is very high. It can induce the death of some cells and at the same time suppress some proteins which are found in the food we eat. Studies have shown that ginger induces the death of certain harmful cancer cells.

Ginger powder especially has been shown to induce death in ovarian cancer cells. It also helps in colon cancer treatment by slowing down the growth of those cancer cells.

7. Boost Immunity System

The overall immune system can be improved by the consumption of ginger. A little bit of ginger a day can help prevent the deposit of fat in the major arteries and thus reduce your risk of stroke.

Bacterial infections that may occur in the stomach are also reduced and this helps prevent stomach upsets. By battling bad coughs and reducing throat irritation it helps in strengthening the body’s immunity.

8. Reduces Inflammation Pain

When you are experiencing severe pain in your body it may be a good idea to take some ginger. Ginger has been known to be one of the most effective natural pain killers around.

Its anti-inflammatory characteristics and the fact that it is a natural effective pain killer make it very useful for everybody. It is also advantageous in that it is a natural pain killer and it does not have the side effects associated with artificial pain killers.

9. Relieves Headaches

Applying some diluted ginger paste on your head has been known to help relieve migraines and people use ginger to relieve headaches.

Ginger can inhibit or stop prostaglandin synthesis which relieves pain and the inflammation in the blood vessels. This is what makes it effective in stopping migraines and relieving headaches.