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5 Reasons to Include Aerobic Exercise in Your Training

Include Aerobic Exercise in Your Training

Cardio exercises are essential for building a healthy and aesthetic body It is a type of exercise that must accompany any weightlifting routine and food plan, especially in weight loss diets.

Besides improving the psychological aspects that come with exercise, aerobic exercise has its benefits.

We review here five reasons why you should not stop doing aerobic exercises at any time of the year:

1. They help you control your weight

While a balanced diet (and if you want to lose weight, also a low-calorie diet) is essential to control the numbers on the scale, the help that comes from an aerobics routine is invaluable.

If you combine cardio with weights, which is the best way to attend a gym, it is best to leave aerobics for last. So the glycogen stored in the liver is nearly empty and thereby metabolism should dip into fat reserves.

As summer approaches, you can further enhance your rate of aerobic exercise. So that when you take your clothes off on the beach your body will be the envy of competitors.

2. They help to improve your cardiovascular health

If you perform regular cardio workouts, your heart rate will tend downwards.

In other words, you need to carry fewer beats with each activity, which will result in better cardiovascular health. It has been shown that reasonably healthy individuals who do not practice or do aerobic sports require between 70 and 75 beats per minute to pump the same amount of blood that an individual performing exercise, which only requires 40 to 50 pulses.

Also, if you combine weight training with cardio, you increase muscle capitalization. So that the tissues receive more oxygen and more nutrients. All this results in better health and improved athletic performance.

3. They help in the prevention of serious diseases

The overall exercise and cardio workouts, in particular, are responsible for reducing the percentage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Besides decreasing the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension.

Your doctor can confirm these claims. Look at all the problems that you can save with just forty minutes three times a week.

4. It helps stretch your muscles as part of the preparation

If you perform aerobic exercise on a stationary bike, elliptical machine or treadmill, you must perform stretches before arms and legs.

With preheated muscles, your performance will be higher.  You will accomplish better oxygenation and irrigate parts of your body that perhaps you were not taking care of properly.

5. It helps hydrate your body increasing water consumption

During cardio workouts, it is recommended that you consume every twenty minutes, at least the equivalent of a glass of water.

After exercise, you should also drink water to replenish what the body has worn through sweat. The hydrating level of homeostasis improves, the ability of an environment to remain unaltered.

In other words, incorporate water, an essential substance in your body.